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Property Tax Calculator

The Property Tax Calculator is provided for use by City of Myrtle Beach residents to estimate the potential savings to be realized through the implementation of the tourism development fee. To access the Property Tax Calculator, please visit

Tourism Calculator

The Tourism Calculator estimates the local tax dollars generated from our tourism industry.

Enter Number of Visitors and Length of Stay in the form below then click the “Calculate” button to calculate the amount of local tax dollars generated.

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Tax Dollars Generated  
Sales Tax (5%)
Funds general government and important social services, as well as law enforcement, fire protection, emergency planning, economic development and education. Exceeds $500 million annually.

RIDE I (1.5%)
Funds important road projects like Highway 22 (Veterans Highway), Highway 31 (Carolina Bays Parkway), Main Street Connector, widening of Highway 544, construction of Grissom Parkway and the widening of 707 (northern leg). Will total $1.1 billion in local road projects.

Local Capital Projects Sales Tax being used for road improvements Ride III Including 501 improvements, Carolina Forest and Forestbrook Rd widening, US 17 improvements in Garden City, SC Hwy. 31 (Carolina Bays Parkway) Extension to NC border $590 million in local road projects.

Accommodation Tax (2.5%)
Funds law enforcement, beach renourishment, cultural arts (e.g. Long Bay Symphony), local festivals and events, tourism infrastructure (e.g. convention center, boardwalk). Exceeds $20 million annually.

Admissions Tax (5%)
Funds general fund of state government, funds Department of Commerce, and funds motion picture incentives. Exceeds $10 million annually.

State Education Funding (1%)
Funds teachers’ salaries and operations of schools and our school district. Exceeds $100 million annually.

Education Capital Projects (1%)
Funds construction of new schools and educational facilities at our public schools, as well as Horry-Georgetown Technical College & Coastal Carolina University. Will total $1 billion in local education facilities.

City of Myrtle Beach Tourism Fee (1%)
Funds tourism promotion, infrastructure improvements and a 80% reduction in owner-occupied property taxes. Approximates $29 million annually.