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Tourism Growth Initiative

The Tourism Growth Initiative is a bold, dynamic plan of action designed to grow the Grand Strand’s tourism industry to record levels.Since the TGI was implemented in 2009:

  • Hospitality Fees in Horry County have grown 46.5%
  • Accommodations Taxes in Horry County have grown 56.6%
  • 20,160 Real Estate Leads have been generated (2013-2016)

Is it working? YES!!! Independent economists have studied the impact of the Myrtle Beach Area CVB advertising campaign based on statistically sound consumer research. The economists estimate the return on investment, measuring economic impact of total visitors influenced by the advertisements and the new visitors generated by the advertisements. Economic returns for every dollar invested are:

Year Total ROI New Visitor ROI
2010 307 101
2011 344 117
2012 337 125
2013 343 140
2014 445 169
2015 476 178
2016 490 196


Key components of the Tourism Growth Initiative include increased market share, new market development, growth of first-time visitation, group sales, increased air service, enhanced destination marketing, strategic research & improve infrastructure.

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