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“Tourism plays a key role in the Myrtle Beach real estate industry. Vacationers fall in love with the area and begin to look for second homes, retirement homes or homes to raise their families. Homeownership creates a vested interest in the community and this will continue to help Myrtle Beach grow and prosper in the future. Promoting tourism is in investment in that future.”
Laura Crowther, CEO
Coastal Carolina Association of Realtors

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“As a very visible institution of higher learning in this region, we are noticed by hundreds of thousands of visitors each year from all over the East Coast and the Midwest. This greatly enhances our recruiting efforts, since these prospective students and their families note the beauty of this area and take home a very positive experience. Tourism provides a source of income for our students through part-time jobs during the school year and full-time jobs in the summer. And the spouses of many of our employees help their families make ends meet with tourism-related jobs. We are supported in part by dedicated millage from the Horry County Higher Education Commission and tourism is the cornerstone of our tax base here. Accordingly, without tourism it is likely that we would still be a locally-known small community college, instead of the nationally-known dynamic university that we have become.”
Dr. David A. DeCenzo, President
Coastal Carolina University

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“Whenever we think of travel and tourism, images of relaxing on the beach, strolling through a historic downtown, or hiking through a landscape of natural beauty come to mind. The economic, social and cultural benefits tourism brings to our local economy are beyond measure, and it remains our mission to promote and publicize the excitement, charm and ambiance that make the Grand Strand such a pleasant place to live, work and play!”
Kelli James, Executive Vice President
Conway Chamber of Commerce

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“Tourism is a vital part of the home building industry on the Grand Strand. A strong workforce creates the need for housing and our visitors to the beach are potential home buyers in the future. We must continue to grow our tourism industry in order to sustain the home building industry.”
Rose Anne O'Reilly, Executive Vice President
Horry Georgetown Home Builders Association

Horry Georgetown Technical College logo
“Horry-Georgetown Technical College and tourism are synonymous ideas because the College exists to support the growth and stability of the local workforce, and so much of that same local workforce is engaged in the tourism industry. When HGTC considers future academic programs or the evolution of the services we provide, tourism is a primary backdrop of that consideration. It is the engine that drives this area’s economy and a dimension of this area that must be supported, promoted and expanded if we desire to see our quality of life continue to improve.”

Neyle Wilson, President
Horry Georgetown Technical College

Myrtle Beach Area Hospitality Association logo
“It is obvious that the tourism/hospitality industry is the glue that binds our economy, preserves our quality of life and creates needed jobs. It is essential to grow tourism as the returns to the community are undeniable”
Stephen Greene, President & CEO
Myrtle Beach Area Hospitality Association

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“Tourism is the engine that drives the Grand Strand's economy. Visitor spending creates more jobs than any other industry, builds roads and other infrastructure and provides many essential government services. Without tourist dollars, residents would face higher taxes or fewer public services or perhaps both.”

Brad Dean, President & CEO
Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce / CVB

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“Tourism is the lifeblood of the Grand Strand and our North Myrtle Beach community. Our quality of life and local economy is built upon our success as a premier vacation and relocation destination. We are genuinely appreciative of the thousands of visitors who have created family memories in North Myrtle Beach for generations and for the many more who are beginning these memories today.”

Marc Jordan, President & CEO
North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce