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Who Benefits From Tourism?

EVERYONE. Tourism is vital to the local and state economy.

Everyone benefits from tourism. Tourism is a major industry in South Carolina and throughout America. Here along the Grand Strand, it is vital to our local economy. Tourism is far more than just hotels, golf courses and restaurants. Tourism boosts our economy, employs thousands of people, enriches our businesses and pays for important public services, such as education and law enforcement. Tourism works for each of us, every day.


Tourism funds operating expenses and infrastructure in our local public education system. Sales taxes paid by tourists help to fund public education throughout South Carolina. Sales taxes paid by tourists also help to fund capital expenditures for our local community college and university.


Tourism has funded important infrastructure projects, like RIDE I, RIDE II, RIDE III and the Myrtle Beach Airport. Hospitality fees helped to pay for convention center expansion and operation.


Tourism employs tens of thousands of people throughout the Grand Strand.

Real Estate & Development

Tourism attracts visitors to our area who become familiar with our community. Some of those visitors return to buy investment properties and/or second homes. Others like the area so much, they decide to relocate or retire here.


Tourism enhances the cultural, visual and performing arts in our community by providing tax revenues to support the arts. The exceptional talents of local artists become an important part of the entertainment offered to our visitors, as well.

Sports & Recreation

Tourism helps to fund sports and recreation programs, including facilities that are used jointly by local residents and tourists.

Economic Development

Tourism helps to fund sports and recreation programs, as well as facilities like the newly opened Myrtle Beach Sports Center that are used jointly by local residents and tourists.